Creative IT Training programs are focused on building our students’ expertise in technical building our students’ expertise in technical skills as well as soft skills like communication, presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Team work skills and complete personality development. We have soft skill training as a mandatory aspect of our students as a part of their training program. We are aware that person’s skill pays an important role in opening doors, and are crucial for career success. So our training programs on soft skills are designed accordingly. These skills are now recognized as key to making business more profitable and better places to work. Increasingly, companies aren’t just assessing their technical skills, but now assessing them on a whole host of soft skill competencies around how well they relate and communicate to others. At Creative IT Training, we are aware that People Skills play an important role in opening doors, and are crucial for career success. We truly believe that your work ethic, communication skills, emotional intelligence, attitude, and other personal attributes are the soft skills that make you a leader. Having good Soft Skills and knowing how to get along with people makes for easier problem solving, delegating, motivating and team building. The importance of Soft Skills is often undervalued and there is far less training provided for them than hard skills, whereas it results to failure in their interviews, so we have personalized our technical training program along with soft skills sessions which will help them to perform at their best on the interviews.